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WinDoor North America 2017

WinDoor North America 2016

GlassBuild America 2017

The Glass, Window and Door Expo

WinDoor North America 2016

WinDoor North America 2016

GlassBuild America 2016

The Glass, Window and Door Expo

GlassBuild America 2015

The Glass, Window, and Door Expo

Win-Door North America 2014

GlassBuild America 2014

The Glass Window and Door Expo.

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Pro-Line Automation Systems Opens New USA Facility

In response to record breaking USA sales Pro-Line Automation has acquired a 10,000 square foot building conveniently located in the Cleveland-Akron (Ohio) area.

Pro-Line Automation Announces USA Parts Support

To start the New Year, Pro-Line Automation has opened a new parts warehouse located in Ohio. We've done this to provide our USA customers with the parts you need in a shorter time frame with a lower shipping cost.

Pro-Line Automation Systems Ltd. Introduces the Zipper MZ-730 Thermal Break Insertion Machine

Pro- Line Automation has expanded their line of high tech polyamide strut insertion machines with the introduction of the MZ-730 “Zipper” Thermal Break Insertion Machine.

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